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All portables

Here we have latest and greatest in portable technology!

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Arcade : shmagoogin77's MintyNamco
My first portable, I'm thinking of doin a atariP next. This runs on 4AAs, has AV outputs as well as an Intec 2.5" screen. The case is from an altoids case, hence the minty name. This can also be powered by USB, very convenient.

Atari 2600 : SpongeBuell's Atari 2600 SP
New update: this unit has been gutted for use with the 2600SP+, mentioned below.

A couple things are being added, such as stereo sound (with a stereo/mono switch) and extra controller slots (forgot to do that when I first built it)

Here it is, the Atari 2600 Semi Portable, or Atari 2600 SP. It's not as good aesthetically as I wish it was, but it works great otherwise. I used part of an NES controller for the joypad, put in an X instead of a + shape because I think it's more comfortable the way most people hold it. (In case you are wondering, upper left goes up, lower right goes right... you get the idea) I used an old joystick for the fire button. The paddle works very well, I used a new 1Mohm potentiometer from radioshack I got for a couple bucks and a few pushbuttons for the power/select/reset buttons. In the near future I plan on adding a paddle fire button, but I use the right button on the pad as a fire button anyway and that works just fine. Best of all, this whole thing only cost about $40 + Atari board I already had


Atari 2600 : Dom_Dunc's Portari 2600
Portable console based on the Atari Joysick with 10 built in games. This is the first to use the 10-in-1 board.

Atari 2600 : ···Agent EQzE···'s VCSEQze

Atari 2600 : SpongeBuell's Atari 2600SP+
Not quite a concept, but more of a blueprint. As you may have seen, I'm redoing my Atari 2600 SP and adding some features while I'm at it. What makes this a blueprint, rather than a concept, is that instead of buttons and pictures, this is the image that I will use for the laser engraver, which I should be able to use again. The hole by the joypad (which is no longer an "X" shape... thank God) is for the button for the paddle. Well, I'm making too long of a description again, so I'll leave it at that. Download the easily editable .psd of the blueprints here

Atari 2600 : SpongeBuell's Atari 2600 SP+
It took a while, and even longer (about a year :P ) to get it put on this site, but it's done. This baby is awesome! Lit RCA jacks, real wood case, laser engravings, 2nd player ports, durability (I don't think I had any major repairs on it)
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Atari Jaguar : fordman's JAG 64p
I've started 2 projects 1 being a portable Atari jaguar and the other being a portable sega Saturn

Custom Console : abbibi's HACKpod
This is basically an OQO designed for gaming. It has a triple boot of Linux (primary), Windows, and a hacked version of Mac OS X for Intel. It has 720x480 OLED touchscreen (same resolution as DVDs). It has two Compact Flash drives on each side, a circular touchpad (used for analog control like the Nintendo DS's touchscreen) on the left, and four raised buttons on the right. All twelve function buttons are flush with the case (as are the left/right buttons), and can be easily customised in all three systems. The audio jack, similar to the colour iPods, can also output video. The HACKpod also comes with Wifi, Bluetooth, and infrared (for remote home theater control). The HACKpod's cradle includes a DVD-RW drive, DVI out (with optional VGA, S-Video, and RGB adapters), 1 Firewire and 2 USB ports, and Audio in/out jacks (which include video in/out). The power brick includes Ethernet, Modem, and (1 additional) Firewire ports.
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Game Boy : Cennar's GBOMG
Not a console made handheld but a handheld made retro.... This Game boy origional featrures a fully functional Game boy SP, with "Super" Mario World!
Cennar's Page

Intellivision : shadowhacker's Intellivision Portable
I got a intellivision powe power player for christmas so i took a hip gear screen i had laying around and i hooked them up

Nintendo 64 : handhelddc's N64p
Check out the link for more pics
handhelddc's Page

Nintendo 64 : RPGTKNick's N64m

Nintendo 64 : Warrior_Rocker's N64xp
Warrior_Rocker's Page

Nintendo 64 : Gamelver's N64p
He uses a GBA SP for the screen. Cool! Gamelver here, just noting that this particular N64p was sold :(.
Gamelver's Page

Nintendo 64 : Gamelver's N64p2
Here's my N64p2, made in only a week after my friend sold the first one without asking. The PSONE lcd makes it look a lot better than the GBA used on the first one. There are separate batteries for the N64 and screen, 9.6v, 2AH for the N64 and 7.2v, 2.2AH for the screen.

Update: the N64p2 was recently modded so it can use other things that output an A/V signal. Pretty cool.

Nintendo 64 : G-Force's N64P
Dead right now but worked great before it I accidentally killed it. More high-res pics at www.photobucket.com/albums/v510/gtd6288/N64P
G-Force's Page
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Nintendo 64 : Cennar's M64
Here we have a nice n64 portable made by cennar! It's got a clear ribon case boddy a sony watch man pocket tv for a screen and features an ablity to use the normal n64 power adapter. But what you might not see is it also has Dreamcast A/B bottons gba/pocket D (and C) pads, ps controler R L and Z buttons, but the best yet it cost me about $67.00 Canadian to make.

Nintendo 64 : NiN^_^NiN's N64p
Unfortunately, he stopped working on this when his N64 blew. He has begun work on an SMS portable. Check out his SMS2 AV Mod on the SMS page!
NiN^_^NiN's Page

Nintendo 64 : Hunter306's N64p
He's provided a schematic of the system on his site.
Hunter306's Page

Nintendo 64 : Nick862's N64p
its just a concept, i'm not building it. But i think it looks kool.

Nintendo 64 : NiN^_^NiN's N64p
seeing as how there is no description i figured i might as well add one. this is a N64P concept by NiN^_^NiN -triton
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Nintendo 64 : RPGTKNick's Nintendo 64 Mobile

Nintendo 64 : Hunter306's Nintendo 64 Portable

Nintendo 64 : Triton's N64P
This concept I drew is free for anyone to use with credit to me. this in not to scale but the max dimmesions of the n64P should be appx 10"x7"x1.75".

Nintendo 64 : Gannon's N64p
Not sure when I'll ever be done with it, but it doesn't look to be any time soon.
Maybe if I wasn't so picky on the case it would be by now :P
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Nintendo 64 : daguuy's portable N64
it's an N64 with cartridge slot relocated. screen goes where the cart slot went and batteries go in the sides next to the mobo. it uses an original N64 controller for the right becasue it works. for the left, it uses a playstation controller because it has 2 shoulder buttons (Z and L), D-pad, and analog stick. on the inside is the pcb of a 3rd party controller so you can connect it to the pots of the playstation analog stick
daguuy's Page

Nintendo 64 : marshallh's 64p
This is my first portable. i chose to portablize the N64 because it's my favorite system, and it was fairly difficult. My aim was to make it slick looking while retaining the original console's look.
marshallh's Page
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Nintendo 64 : daguuy's gameboy 64
it was gonna be done 2/17/06 but then my screen died. i recently fixed the screen but now the controller doesn't work. i'll have much more pics and details when it's done. i'm trying to make it the most ful-featured comfortable to play long lasting N64p possible
daguuy's Page

Nintendo 64 : iam7805's Battleship 64
Littlemal suggested building a portable using a Battleship case so that is what I'm going to do. I can't build this until the summer comes though :( Also, the Z button there is also going to be on the back instead of the front. Daguuy said that the Z button should be on the left but I like it on the right because then it can be controlled with your middle finger.

Nintendo 64 : Maniac_Man's Cuban64
N64 in a cuban cigar box with an 8" screen and extreme dual "Z" trigger action!

Nintendo 64 : marshallh's L64
The L64 is my first vaccuum-formed case. I think it looks like a giant GBA. If you want to read more, visit its site.
marshallh's Page
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Nintendo 64 : Maniac_Man's 64-in-a-box
N64 in router case using psone screen.

Nintendo 64 : daguuy's Gameboy 64
It's a little ugly but it's the most functional N64p ever made and can play all N64 games. The screen has a very good LED mod and looks at least as good as the original backlight.
daguuy's Page
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Nintendo 64 : Maniac_Man's Cigar Box 64
Took a couple days to build. 8" screen. Ps2 anologue stick mod.

Nintendo 64 : Maniac_Man's m64
Fraken cased 64 in a modem box. Its held together with hot glue and electrical tape.

Nintendo 64 : Turbo 1.0's N64p
probably my best made portable, case-wise
Turbo 1.0's Page
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Nintendo Game Boy : Reaperman's GBA Somewhat Less Portable
A gameboy advance which is attached to a psone monitor and has tv output. Has Smartmedia reader which flashes internal flashcart. Supports NeoGeo Controllers. Needs case and battery power.

Nintendo Game Boy : Skyone's Quasar
WIP Quasar. A portable NES, using the Super Joy III and a PSOne Screen. I made the thickness to large, I'll cut it down about 1/2"-1"
Skyone's Page

Nintendo Game Boy : cjpoisson's GAMEBOY Lite
basicly it's what the gameboy color should have been. i'm still working on the desing...

Nintendo Gamecube : Gamelver's GCp

The first confirmed, completed GCp made!


  • PSOne sreen
  • Vacuum-formed case
  • 12v/7Ah battery (for over an hour of playing time)
  • Memory card slot
  • External controller port
  • Easy access to change games

Nintendo Gamecube : Nick862's GCp
its just a concept, i'm not building it. But i think it looks kool.

Nintendo Gamecube : Turbo 1.0's GCp
vacuum formed case
2nd GCp
3Amp batteries
See more pictures

Nintendo Gamecube : wizsoto's WGCP
Wizcorp Gamecube Portable
16v-3mah Nimh batteries
Gameboy player
Dual portable and standard use
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Nintendo Gamecube : Gamelver's GCp V1.5
My second GCp, named the "GCp V1.5" because I really only changed the case. This one is the exact same as before, only now I'm selling them :-D!! The price is $350, and they would come with NiMh AAs instead of li-poly batteries. "now somewhat blown up due to said li-poly batteries" -triton
Gamelver's Page
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Nintendo Gamecube : Harshboy's GamecubeP
This is my first portable! It is a GCp and let me tell you, it was very hard to make! But thanks to all the folks at Benheck.com forums I was able to finish it. It is pretty much completed. It just needs a battery for the GC. The screen has a battery. There is much room inside of its casing. I love it so much! I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me. Also, in the future I hope to add a Gameboy player. But for now it's fine! Features: -1.5 Hour battery life (screen and Gamecube) -GBA Player (Via Mem. card port) -5 inch screen -Headphone and speakers I'm currently making it better, i will post more pics soon! ~Currently dead. Under Heavy reconstruction. Check the thread on Benheck for updates! .:Update:. Working on new case. I've got a new screen comming. Expect it to actually be done somewhere near February ;)
Harshboy's Page
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Nintendo Gamecube : Turbo 1.0's GCp mkII
5.6 amp li-polys vac formed this is my second GCp made from the guts of the first and it is much sturdier and the controls are better
Turbo 1.0's Page
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Nintendo Gamecube : Sipsorz3's GCp
its just a concept but I am trying to make it but I'm having trouble with a screen, I wonder if a GBA screen works? I'm posting pictures soon

Nintendo Gamecube : Sipsorz3's GCp V1.0
this is first concept and trying to make but I'm having trouble with the screen and I hace the question if I could use a GBA screen

Nintendo NES : bgbop15's NESP Version 2
See more pictures

Nintendo NES : nesdude's Nesportable
nesdude's Page

Nintendo NES : Delorean5000's NESp
Check out the link for more pics
Delorean5000's Page

Nintendo NES : Lady Ada's NESp
Nice and small noac based nesp. No cartridge port though. Click here for more details! The first known portables to use the hip screen pad lcd.

Nintendo NES : NiN^_^NiN's NESp
46% Complete I am pretty close to finishing the electronics :) now its the case after that ;)

Nintendo NES : NiN^_^NiN's NESp

Nintendo NES : ···Ag's NESeqze
This is design version 2.1 from ···Agent EQzE··· which, according to him, is actually quite practical if everything is placed correctly and all. If it gets done like this, I think it'll be as good as one from Ben himself.

Nintendo NES : atkafighter's NESP
This portable was built for my friend. It employs some of my best techniques with bondo, and paint. My friend wanted me to use his 5inch screen, but keep the portable small. This is my result, and I think it turned out well. The control surfaces replace the speakers, and the speakers are moved to the back.
atkafighter's Page

Nintendo NES : bioniclebert's NES Portable
This is my NES Portable. It features a hip-gear LCD screen, A NES controller for that Old school gaming feel, and it takes cartriges! Also It Powers off of either 4x AAs or with the special USB power plug it can be powered from the computer.
bioniclebert's Page

Nintendo NES : Jeep's NESp Concept
A conceptual view of the NESp I'm working on.
Jeep's Page

Nintendo NES : Turbo 1.0's NESp
big nesp really meant for car rides i built it into its own case because well, its not my NES and my sister would have killed me, it cost almost nothing to make though :D
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Nintendo NES : cowsgoquack101's TNESp
It'll use the top of an Original NES case, the power and reset switch from it, and have the Sony PSone screen.

Nintendo NES : daleighan's NESp
This is a quick and dirty design of what I want my NESp to look like

Nintendo NES : minkster's Minktendo
My first portable with a pretty flippin sweet frankenmod ;) Unfortunately, it died for some unknown reason...but I might fix it one of these days. Good news though...I got new pics in high def!
minkster's Page

Nintendo NES : Atkafighter's NESp
This project was a departure from the usual portable build. For this one, not only did I build it for a client. I was also writing a tutorial along with my progress to help my client build his own NESp. A really cool concept if I do say so myself. Anyway, this NES was built with a full board, and uses the original cartridge connector. The size, of the board made this quite a complex project. I also, had to make sure I didn't overcomplicate it for my client. I omitted my usual white, and grey color scheme for instructional purposes.

Nintendo NES : sock2828's Mega Altra Porta NES
Mega Altra Porta NES. A NOAC based portable just a concept (A really bad one) but a concept non the less. I am gathering parts for it it will be using a PS1 screen modded with (of corse) with white LED\'s it will probly be a few weeks before i am done
sock2828's Page

Nintendo NES : Fanboy and ValiantV.'s NESAdvance (work in progress)
This is actually a portable I employed ValiantVenality to make for me. It will use a HipGear screen, and be small enough to fit in the GBA. Don't worry, it'll have a cart-slot. NES p0cket beware! The NESAdvance is on the way! When the set (yeah, ValiantVenality is makin' one for himself too) is done, he will expose the super-tiny NOAC used! Or not... So, far (well, as far as I know) there has been a bit of wiring done but the mainly noticable thing is the neato paintjob to the buttons!

Nintendo NES : Jeep's NESp
My NESp done with an Hip gear screen, a Super Joy III and a regular controller. It's almost done. Still needs to fix 2 switch and put the expansion port (for a second player unit in a Gameboy)
Jeep's Page

Nintendo NES : Skyone's Quasar
One of my better concepts: The quasar text will be lit up through plexi with LEDs like pictured. It'll use a Super Joy III, a PSOne Screen, and a NES controller.

Nintendo NES : Skyone's Quasar
WIP Quasar. A portable NES, using the Super Joy III and a PSOne Screen. I made the thickness to large, I'll cut it down about 1/2"-1".
Skyone's Page
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Nintendo NES : Jedi Knight's Jedi Knight's nesp
My portable will use the original nes mobo, ps one screen, and 9.6 volt, 1600 mah battery. For a case, I'll problably use a tackle box. I will get the rest of my parts here soon and then I'll start.
Jedi Knight's Page

Nintendo NES : Jedi Knight's nesp
Almost done, I just need to hook up my battery and the video amp, and then I'm done.
Jedi Knight's Page

Nintendo NES : Jedi Knight's NESp
It took about 2 days to build it. It has 2 controller ports, av out, can use an ac adapter, and has a backlighted screen. Pics are gone and the thing fried because I was in a hurry to test the AC adapter, and something shorted out. Oh well I can play nes on my PSP and DS now.

Nintendo NES : Jeff's Whatever You'd Like To Call It
This is a free to take concept by me, as are all the ones I'm planning to do. Enjoy!
See more pictures

Nintendo NES : sword_gun's Nes Now
My first portable, Its getting a revision soon, as this case is not good. EDIT: IT IS DEAD, Yes it finally died, I put a A/V cord in to hard, and the contact broke off. Damn.
sword_gun's Page

Nintendo NES : dudex77's nboy
a nes portable concept which will be about 2 inches thick with hope of retaining the original nes controller shape
dudex77's Page

Nintendo NES : dudex77's nboy
this is the concept for my first portable it will be using a noac and retain the shape of the origianl nes controller it should end up being about 2 inches thick

Other : S q u e e !'s Atari 7800p
This is my mockup design for my 7800p. Another work of art, done entirely in paint in 5 minutes. The entire unit will be made of laser-cut acrylic, and will feature: Two (2) independant triggers, One (1) paddle knob, External A/V jacks, breakouts for joysticks, reset switch, game select switch, and a pause button.
See more pictures

Other : Nick's JAJp (Jakk's Atari Joystick Portable)
A Jakk's 10 in 1 joystick made portable. Not quite done.

Other : Nick's Atari 10 in 1p idea
Just an idea. Will probably carry it through.

Other : cowsgoquack101's Odp
The world's first Magnavox Odyssey portable! Though it's huge and bulky so I'm gonna put it to rest...
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PC : LaserBeams64's Shark Portable Computer
I designed (not built) a portable computer earlier this year [2001]. I was sick of laptops and their awful gaming options, and was inspired a bit by the TRS-80 and Tandy-100 series, so I designed this for a modeling contest. It won me first place and a hat! :) Anyway, I thought this was a really good idea, too, so I first made sure that the actual parts I wanted to be in it were available... The total cost I estimate to be around $1000 to $1500, depending on the specs. I'd really like to make it, but I don't exactly have a job or extra money right now, so I can't... Oh well, innovation can wait. =)

PC : bicostp's Dockable PCp
This is a concept for a dockable PCp. Undocked, it is like a large GameBoy. But when it's docked, it can function as a full-fledged desktop PC, with external keyboard and screen. On the bottom is a D-sub connector (hidden behind a small, spring-loaded door or something) which mates with its counterpart in the dock. The back of the dock has the VGA, USB, and power connections, among others. It would probably use either an external power brick or a laptop wall wart. When docked the internal screen and speaker are disabled, with their signals redirected to the external screen and speakers. I based this design off of theGumStix WaySmall computers. (http://www.gumstix.com/sys_tinycomp.html) Depending on the model used, this can have either a 200 or 400mhz processor, and may or may not have wi-fi and/or BlueTooth.
bicostp's Page
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Playstation : abbibi's PSp
I'm currently using bent needles for the battery, but I would like to switch to copper. Better yet, switch to what Ben's using. Check them out on the SNES page.
See more pictures

Playstation : stereth's PSone
stereth's Page

Playstation : John Comma Doe's Portable Playstation Project (PPP)
John Comma Doe's Page

Sega CDX : SegaSonicFan's Portable CDX
I've added a million different improvements, here's the list: -RGB video (The highest quality video, better than any television! The 32X is modded for RGB as well) -5" display -Stereo speakers -50/60hz import switch -JP/US import switch -2nd headphone port -S-video output (I have to make the cable to attach to the DB-9 and a little mod) -Built in FM automatic scan radio -Screen on/off switch -System on/off switch -External controller switch (to use a regular Genesis controller for 1 player) -Up to 4 players -Plays SMS, Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X games He has also mentioned that it is quite comfortable to hold even though the case isn't "sealed."
SegaSonicFan's Page

Sega Dreamcast : poppe's Portable Dreamcast
poppe's Page

Sega Dreamcast : Cennar's Dreamcast Squigles
See more pictures

Sega Dreamcast : dkap01's DCp
The first ever DCp!!! This is truly one amazing portable, with a beautiful vacuum formed case. It runs off two 7.2V 3Ah RC car batteries.
dkap01's Page
See more pictures

Sega Dreamcast : Atkafighter's DCp
One of my favorite consoles ever, the Dreamcast. I decided to build it without a built-in controller for many reasons. The unit is still quite portable, and as far as I know this is one of two ever built.
Atkafighter's Page

Sega Genesis : shadowhacker's Lego Genesis P
I Placed My Sega In a Lego Case Now I Am Making It Run Off Batterys. And Mounting The Controler To It. Ok Running Off Batterys Now... Srry about The Pic i Had To Use Scanner And it Looks Like Its Going To The Ondago Path.

Sega Genesis : llama_master's Sega SP
The Sega SP uses a GOAC. The SP stands for Sega Portable

Sega Genesis : geekbait111's thingy!
final concept of portable (I think). I thought to do something like cherrybomb's (with permission) but finally decided that this would be better. will use a v.3 genesis and run on 6 AA's

Sega Genesis : dman762000's truant
it is a radica genny complete with cart port it is about 98%done right now just waiting on the sign lady to get done lettering it
dman762000's Page

Sega Master System : NiN^_^NiN's SMSp
I am hoping to fix the broken SMS board and get R.G.B out for my 5" LCD as its the only lcd i have and sms is the only PAL console that has R.G.B.

Sega Master System : NiN^_^NiN's SMSp

Sega Saturn : fordman's Sega Saturnp
I've started 2 projects 1 being a portable Atari jaguar and the other being a portable sega Saturn

Sony Playstation : dkap01's PPS
Uses a custom vacuum-formed case.
dkap01's Page

Sony Playstation : abbibi's PSp
Picture #1 was my first idea for a portable playstation. The guts would be removed from the original case (black and grey lines) and placed inside a new case containing the controller and batteries (black and red lines). This could then be combined with any commercially available screen out there. I thought this would be a nice mass-produced modification kit for the PS One. Picture #2 is another early idea. I redrew it from a sketch for a visual in a conversation with another board member. It's a similar concept to my first one, gameboy style. This put stuff behind the screen, and allowed for the original controller parts and board to be utilized.
See more pictures

Sony Playstation : abbibi's PSp
This was a later drawing. I gave up on the idea of a mod kit and went for an all-in-one unit. The cd lid is replaced with the screen, killing two birds with one stone.

Sony Playstation : betacrash's PSOne portable
This is a concept that I made for a PSone portable using the existing case. It should be no problem to make and it feels fairly natural holding a psone with an LCD screen. The button dimensions are taken from a MadCatz Retrocon Controller. I will probably have this done within a week. I just purchased a PSone battery but I believe that it will be way too thick. So I am looking into hooking up a Sony cam battery.

Sony Playstation : ···Agent EQzE···'s PSp

Sony Playstation : MM007's Modular PS1a
This portable stands to give a decent boost, or even a large shove, to portiblization by being the first fully modular portable design. It allows the unit to be made into a portable without permanently connecting or even changing the system and screen. The module(s) are all interchangable on other stock models, and the one modified module(battery pack/ controller) is as legal to make as third-party controllers are, meaning they should be perfectly legal to sell. It is also a way of making portables out of systems too expensive or pre-compacted(NGC) to make a normal portable out of, or if you are too scared/inexperienced to mess with your system's guts. Plus, with interchangable parts, it is cheaper to do for the layman. ^^

Sony Playstation : Kagato's Playstation Cradle
I was thinking of ways of constructing a portable PSOne using the fewest extra pieces possible. I ended up with the "PSCradle". It's conceptually similar to MM007's idea, in that no modification needs to be done to the PSOne itself. The unit consists of a standard display screen, a battery pack, and a "split" controller, all mounted on a simple plastic bracket that holds the PSOne. Slide the console into the bracket, clip it on at the front, connect the controller plug, and you're ready to go! (If I can find a dirt-cheap PSOne screen, I might even have a go at building this...)

Sony Playstation : S3ptic's PSP
Here are two case designs I made using EmachineShop. I tried to make them as small as possible, while still allowing for a comfortable grip, and a CD cover. In the first design the screen is on top of the CD cover, the pictures show it both with the cover up and down. The second design shows the front and back of the unit, with the CD cover on the bottom of the case, I did this to try to incorporate the CD's circular shape into the design of the case. I was also considering removing the handles on the sides of the CD cover to make the case smaller.
See more pictures

Sony Playstation : atkafighter's PSP
This is my first portable. It is the result of many years of waiting and learning. When I first saw Ben's original PSP I wanted to build one, but I had the original PSX, and not enough knowledge to build a portable. Years later I decided to try again since my favorite consoles became so cheap. This is the result of my first portable, and my entry into the portablizing community.
atkafighter's Page

Sony Playstation : XPCportables's MPSONE
Mpsone(mobile psone). almost finished but has some stuff left to do. it has a 5" psone screen and an official psone controller built in plus a 7.6v dvd player battery. powers it for about an hour and 45 minutes.
XPCportables's Page

Sony Playstation : Skyone's PSOneP
I'm not making any of these, I just made them on request of ChronoTriggerFan, enjoy!
See more pictures

Sony Playstation : klefmung's PSOne/NES Power portable thingy
This is a portable PSOne system connecting to a modded psone screen (almost makes TOO MUCH sense for a console hacker!) with a built in Power Joy NOAC wired to the same controls, but with a switch controlling whether power goes to the PSOne or NES, also with a relocated and converted (from famicom to NES) cartridge slot. I will also have a first and second player PSONE and memory port. For the NES, there will just be a second player port because the NOAC I am using has no first player port, but rather a controller built into the pcb. I will also convert the clone controller port to American NES controller port. What is done so far: PSOne opened and video and audio wired First player controller port relocated PSOne screen modded with LEDs. Relocated disk lid switch Ran PSone and screen off of same power So far the Power Joy is untouched, but should be easy with the exception of cartridge conversion but it worked with a family converter.

Sony Playstation : klefmung's PSOnep of death
I have pretty much all of the wiring done, both controller ports/memory cart ports relocated. I relocated the controls on the board, but I still need to hardwire the control to the PSOne mobo instead of putting it in the port. I cut the pieces of wood for my vacuum forming box, but I forgot to get nails at the hardware store. I got a whole bunch of plaster for the mould, so expect a completed unit soon!

Sony Playstation : daguuy's PSP
yeah i know that's an N64 game but it's just a gimp-up. it uses an old fat PS1 because that's what i have and it has plenty of extra space insie for batteries and stuff. it's not to-scale because i just put together some photos i googled without measuring it or anything so it may or may not fit together, though i suspect it will. the link will work when i make the page before too long...
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Sony Playstation : schmellyfart's Playstation Portable
My first portable. I just slapped pc board w/ tact switches on for the controller for now. Eventually ill oput it in a new case.
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Sony Playstation 2 : eastsider_1's PS2M- Playstation2 Mobile
Almost done!!! Waiting on new motherboard, 9A battery, and LED's for screen. I've decided to make the case about 1&3/4" and screen case needs to be painted.
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Sony Playstation 2 : midget913's psIIsq
the name is wierd, I know, but it's symmetrical down the center. It stands for playstation, then the numeral 2, then small and quiet. I intend to make the portable less noisy and significantly smaller. I'll probably use the v3 mobo (the square-shaped one) along with parts from the ps2 slim, and the outcome should be no bigger than 10"x10"x2.5" (or around that. I'm trying to use only passive cooling (no fans) to make it quiet, we'll see how that turns out. I'm making the case out of moulded plasic, i'll make the mould with CNC from my high school's tech dept. It's gonna be good, and it's not as farfeched as I thought at first! Wish me luck!

Super Nintendo : SNESguy's SNESp Fusion
*Uses a Sega Gamegear for the main shell
*4" Screen folds down when not in use
*Runs on original Gamegear batterypacks
*Uses SNES version II mainboard
*Yes, that is an NES cart that houses the LCD
*This is version 1; Version 2 is underway
*Everything works great except the sound, which is a major bummer.

Super Nintendo : MM007's Super Famicom A
This is my Super Famicom A (SFA), a SNES portable with Super Famicom support, an automatic external player one override, a removable screen, and dual 7.2Volt 3Ah Hi-MH batteries. The battery pack is in a "T" shape so it doesn't block my hands on the controller, and it still has all the original ports and capabilities, meaning it still works as a console. I even kept the RF. ^^ It is a bit heavier than most portables, as it still has sheilding, but it is light enough for me to live with. It is the original prototype for what will evolve into what I call modular portable design.
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Super Nintendo : gizmo255's SNESp
He's almost done, just needs to finish the case.
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Super Nintendo : Electromaster64's SNES-HH
(HH stands for HandHeld) -3" Casio screen -Case is currently black acrylic and aluminum face -TV will still function -I only need to buy the screen and put it in my current case -powered by 4AAs or ac adapter -I might be able to get the case machined from a solid piece of aluminum because my friends dad owns a machine shop and might do it for me and my other roommate is an engineering major so he is helping me design my case on his autocad program

Super Nintendo : MR.MOD's pSNES
It will have a sony psone screen,vacuumed formed case,sony infoLithium 3000 maph size L. Just need to build the vacuum form table and make the case, and put everything together.

Super Nintendo : atkafighter's SNESP built for Jeffslot
This portable was built for a member of the Benheck forums. He was really close to giving up on portablizing completely when he let me take over his SNES project. For this portable he wanted the controller to be removable, and to be simple as possible. I tried my best to meet his expectations. I have heard that my work inspired him to continue this hobby.
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Super Nintendo : Turbo Tax 1.0's SNESp
here is my snesp it is pretty small and is my first portable

Super Nintendo : daleighan's SNESp
This is my SNESp as well as my first portable.
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Super Nintendo : SNESguy's SNESp Mark II
This is obviously the second portable SNES made by me. It features 5 hrs of playtime, RGB Color PSOne screen!, Battery meter, P2 Capability, stereo speakers and headphone jack,External AV input, and a custom designed-by-me vacuum formed case. The most unique aspect, hovever, is that it uses a Model 1 (1992) SNES board. The power meter came from a Cold-War era aircraft. It took six months because of school mainly.
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Super Nintendo : Triton's tritons SNESp
my mostly done working snes portable, i am doing some reworking so expect pics on my site soon
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Super Nintendo : extremesonic's SNESp V1
Bigger than I wanted due to time constraints. Will redo casing in future.(yes it does have a front plate, it is see-through)

Super Nintendo : Turbo 1.0's snesp mark2
  • 6amp lithium polymers
  • smaller than a gamegear
  • uses original control boards
  • relocated cart slot
  • vac formed case
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Super Nintendo : joedog86's The Nintendo Stupendo
My first "finished" portable. Made using Ben's NES template and SNES mini. Has LED modded PSOne screen, player 2 port, video out, and can run on either 6 AA's or DC aux. jack.
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