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News Archive

19 Mar 06 - [1] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Yet another larger update coming... this will make things MUCH more self-running, and let you guys be in control. Regular users will even be able to add updates like this one!

25 Jan 06 - [1] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Look to the left... no, your other left... under the "Send Messages" button... What's that? Why, it's the new feature for PoD! Smile

09 Jan 06 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] Added a N64p concept by daguuy, a completed DCp by atkafighter, and some status on my N64p.
We updated the add portable code so you can upload images directly to the site. This makes things easier for us and you Smile

31 Dec 05 - [9] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I'm working on the site once again, and this time I'll be adding (what I consider) one of the coolest features this place has ever seen! Smile

23 Dec 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added Minkster's Minktendo (Portable NES)... purty! Smile

16 Dec 05 - [4] Comments
[Gannon] Sorry for lack of updates, I've been busy on a few things (which should hopefully be done soon Wink)

04 Dec 05 - [4] Comments
[abbibi] Bioniclebert has completed his NES Portable! Bicostp has added a concept for his Dockable PCp.
And I got my stitches out. Still can't use my left hand though...

27 Nov 05 - [2] Comments
[Gannon] Lol, I just noticed that the login script is sensitive to the www. in the URL. I should probably look into that Laughing

22 Nov 05 - [0] Comments
[abbibi] Added daleighan's NESp to the Concept page.

19 Nov 05 - [9] Comments
[abbibi] Hi everyone...I'm Abbibi's girlfriend. His surgery went well, and he's doing fine. He is currently resting while feeling the effects of some heavy painkillers. Thank you all for your kind words and support. He'll be back in touch when he's recovered.

17 Nov 05 - [5] Comments
[abbibi]  Well, I am going into surgery tomorrow to fix my left hand. I will be having a tendon and a nerve reattached. I will be unable use the hand for about a month. Since I'm left handed, it also means that writing and extended typing are out of the question.

So, if you have anything you want on the site soon send it in today. And for you other admins, you'll need to survive without me hacking away at your clean coding for a while.

16 Nov 05 - [4] Comments
[Gannon] I just redid all the log in code. If there's any problem email me at

15 Nov 05 - [0] Comments
[abbibi] Added shadowhacker's Lego Genesis P to the Status page. It's nice to see someone taking portables in a new direction: abstract art...

12 Nov 05 - [0] Comments
[abbibi] Added marshallh's 64p to the Completed page. Yay! Check out his site linked from the portable. It's the story of how he made the 64p, written as an adventure similar to Ben's stories. Very fun!

11 Nov 05 - [0] Comments
[abbibi] New concept, new links. Robin Hood is satisfied!

10 Nov 05 - [3] Comments
[abbibi] We have three new completed portables! Let's give them the acid test!

06 Nov 05 - [5] Comments
[abbibi] Added my HACKpod idea to the concepts section.

[gannon] Abbibi is making me look lazy Sad

Oh wait...I am Razz

[abbibi] Snazzed up the sidebar. Now it's powers are greater than ever! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

[gannon] Looks like we've got a busy bee on our hands Razz


05 Nov 05 - [12] Comments
[gannon] Time to hunt abbibi Razz

[abbibi] Abbibi (finally) looks at the site! (I remembered the IP)
That's right guys. I finally have a regular internet connection (moved in with my girlfriend), so I will be checking in on this site occasionally. I'm living in Massachusetts now, and working at a pottery supply making clay. I'm going for a major in electrical engineering. So, what's up?

[gannon] Added cookies to remember your login.
Happy now (even lazier than me) people? Razz

28 Oct 05 - [6] Comments
[SpongeBuell] added wizsoto's portable Gamecube to the completed page, and Triton's almost-done SNESp to the status page Smile

22 Oct 05 - [0] Comments
[gannon] Added SNESguy's SNESp Mark II to the completed section.

[gannon] Added PAL 2600 info thanks to Kai. I also reformatted the layout of the 2600 page sorta.

21 Oct 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Just a little something I thought was interesting, taken from the host's Control Panel stats.


  # Users: Country:
1 83.56% 498 United States
2 9.56% 57 Canada
3 2.52% 15 United Kingdom
4 1.01% 6 Australia
5 0.84% 5 Germany
6 0.67% 4 Netherlands
7 0.34% 2 Puerto Rico
8 0.34% 2 Spain
9 0.17% 1 Mexico
10 0.17% 1 Korea, North
11 0.17% 1 Sweden
12 0.17% 1 Chile
13 0.17% 1 Colombia
14 0.17% 1 France
15 0.17% 1 New Zealand

20 Oct 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Hey, whaddya know? We actually have something in the Playstation section, for once... thanks, Jeffslot!

19 Oct 05 - [0] Comments
[gannon] Added daleighan's SNESp and atkafighter's NESp, SNESp, and PSp Smile

16 Oct 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Made the add portable option available for everyone. Shoulda done that before, I guess. For now, please use imageshack or something for the image, and me or gannon will take care of the rest.

12 Oct 05 - [4] Comments
[gannon] RSS feed fixed for all you picky people Razz
Grab it before it's too hot!

11 Oct 05 - [2] Comments
[gannon] Fixed the rss feed if anyone wants to use it. Smile
Grab it here

10 Oct 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Got the LPC script working the way it should, and updated the levels and stuff. In case you're wondering,

Black: Member
Bronze: Experienced member
Silver: Experienced member with 1 finished portable
Gold: Experienced member with 2 or more finished portables.

09 Oct 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added Bioniclebert's NES Portable, and finally put my 2600SP+ up Smile (which should have been done a year ago Embarassed )

08 Oct 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added atkafighter's portables to the completed page. Lookin' good Very Happy

07 Oct 05 - [3] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Yay! It's about time! Very Happy

Just to let you guys know, things may be slow getting your proper status on the LPC page, as I am having problems with the script. Worked just fine in testing Confused

It's probably because I coded it Razz (gannon knows what I'm talking about)

[gannon] Like the new code? Vote on it! Very Happy

Be sure to message us if you come across any errors!

19 Sep 05 - [2] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I tell ya, the new recode is so close to being done I can almost smell it! :)

07 Aug 05 - [4] Comments
[gannon] Ok, in all seriousness (is that a word/spelt right?!?!) the new code is coming along fairly nicely :)

[gannon] Testing... Of DOOM!!!

30 Jul 05 - [10] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I've added a few videos that were lost after the new server move after doomportables.org crashed: First, Ben's VCSp making of video, Gamelver's GCp Video and The Computer Chronicles episode with the Commodore 64, seen on the Commodore 64 page

25 Jul 05 - [6] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Yay! The server move is complete! I still need to change the .tk address, but it should still work right now, just a little slower (currently, all pages from the old site go to the same page you asked for on the new site :) )

21 Jul 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] New mail script, thoroughly tested and everything! Everything is within this server, so it should be good. Just leave your message after the beep and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. *beep*

Story #2: Ads, be gone! Hopefully by the end of the month, this site will move to a new server. This should be a bit faster (4 xeons!) and will not have any ads! yippee! The new site will be at http://doomportables.gptheatre.co.uk and this time, the transition should be much smoother than going to cogia.net, since I will hopefully have all pages redirect to the new ones :) Finally, the doomportables.tk address will still work, and take you to the new site :)

Oh yeah, this will hopefully be done by the end of the month, but no guarantees.

19 Jul 05 - [1] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I just thought I'd say that it was mentioned on the benheck forums that there have been very few updates here in a while, It didn't take me long to realize that, well, we still don't have a very good system in yet, so nobody can contact us. :oops: Anyway, I'm (slowly) setting up a system similar to the Private message function on the forums over here, so you can actually give us stuff :)

17 Jul 05 - [1] Comments
[gannon] Raur!!11!! Anyways (now that I have that out of my system) I suppose I should say a few things. I'm not sure what I should say, but I should say it :-P That's all for now I guess :-P crap... I forgot about chat last night...

01 Jun 05 - [19] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Just thought I'd take a roll call to see who thinks they can make it to the chat this week. I'm planning on having this be a Skype chat. If you can say something like will for sure, maybe will, or will sometime, but not this week, that would be great :)

30 May 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I finally added HK-47 to the LPC. I would have done it earlier, but had trouble with the GIMP lately. Oh yeah, and last night's Skype chat was awesome! (even if it was just me, gannon, and Jeff)

29 May 05 - [0] Comments
[gannon] We just used Skype, and it works great! :)
Actually, there are a few small quirks in it, but it's a lot better than yahoo voice chat.

27 May 05 - [5] Comments
[HK-47] Hi everyone. Id just like to say Gannon and SpongeBuell have been nice and are letting me co-admin doomportables. Just a little announcement. :)

19 May 05 - [30] Comments
[Gannon] Oooh! Gamelver was in his local paper! Anyways, here's the pic, try and guess which kid he is! Here's a hint, he's probably not the short one! (Sorry Gamey's bro. for calling you short!)

12 May 05 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] New and improved LPC page! Now each member has a mini profile :)

11 May 05 - [2] Comments
[gannon] Bah! SpongeBuell's slacking off and making me do all the programming work!
Just kidding :P I'm just a bit faster than he is, so around 30-60 minutes after he mentions something I'm normally done with it already :P

05 May 05 - [7] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Welcome to the new indefinite home of doomportables.org, abbibi.cogia.net. This site should also be accessible through doomportables.tk as well. If the site goes down in the next few days, don't worry about it, the server has had problems in the last few days :)

10 Apr 05 - [6] Comments
[SpongeBuell] If you can get to this site now, but couldn't before, please leave a comment. It seems as though the bug has disappeared :D

08 Mar 05 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] |/ SpongeBuell stole my line! :p

[SpongeBuell] New RSS feed!

07 Mar 05 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] Just stopping in to say that I'm not not updating anything, it's just that I'm only really updating the admin code a bit.
Anyways, SpongeBuell and I are trying to work out the server bug so everybody can access the server. It seems like we're pretty close to finding out the problem server :)

24 Feb 05 - [9] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Crap, I got the bug again that prevents me from going here from home, where I do most of my work. I'm at school right now. I had a long chat with technical support of a different company, and was able to find out where the problem is. Now Abbibi has to take action, as he knows a needed password, and start up an investigation of the problem. I have already emailed him, and hopefully he will respond soon. THE END IS NEAR FOR THOSE USING A PROXY!!!!

22 Feb 05 - [5] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Heh, I forgot about something I did a while ago: a chart on the screens page that shows which screens should and won't work with which systems. Enjoy!

20 Feb 05 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] Added Ladyada's nesp to the completed section.

16 Feb 05 - [0] Comments
[gannon] New Mysql script up! Yeah, not any different visual wise for you guys, but it makes it a lot easier to update and manage the news! :)

[SpongeBuell] Added Gamelver's GCp to the completed! page, and am trying out gannon's new way to add updates to the main page. So far so good!

09 FEB 05 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] Click Here for a video of Gamelver's working GCP! ~21 MB

10 JAN 05 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] Added MM007 to the LPC. I also updated the chat times and a few wrong links.

08 JAN 05 - [2] Comments
[Gannon] I updated Triton's n64p concept, and I also fixed the chat time.

02 JAN 05 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] It's been a little while since the last update. I added Triton's n64p concept, and I also updated the chat time.

14 DEC 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I'm updating the chat, once again. Wait a minute! What am I doing here? Oh yes, that's right, I can access the site now :o)

03 DEC 04 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] Just stoping in to update the chat time. Voice chat is really nice, and it'd be a lot better when I get a mic :) Anyways, I'll try and get a few updates done soon. Remember that if you want anything added just email us.

16 NOV 04 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] What's this you say, an update? Well, actually not really :( I'm just stopping by to say that I updated the next chat time :)

09 NOV 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added Kagato's concept for a PSOnep, which doesn't requre any disassembling or warantee voiding of a PSOne (it uses MM007's idea of using modular parts, kind of)

Also, for those that have been wondering, no news of abbibi yet, at least not that I have heard, but I'd imagine he'll be around sometime soon.

18 OCT 04 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] I just wanted to say I updated the chat schedule again. Also, I'm probably going to be adding schematics for the nes and snes to the site, I just have to check some things out first.

10 OCT 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Last night's chat was great! Same time, same place this Saturday? I think gannon's new thread helped a lot. Anyway, I added what is probably the first hobby Genesis portable (at least, the first one submitted) to the completed page. Looks great, SegaSonicFan!

I also added a minor update to the status of my 2600SP on the completed page, but it's so minor I was considering not even mentioning it.

08 OCT 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added MM007's PS1A concept to the concepts page and SFA stuff to the completed page. Also, I updated my work on my 2600SP+ on the status page, though you all probably saw it on the board (it's one of the most read topics there, actually)

06 OCT 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I added schematics for the Atari 2600, as well as put up a link to , probably the biggest Atari site out there.

30 SEP 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Put my freshly engraved 2600 SP+ case on the status page.

21 SEP 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I added my new 2600SP+ blueprint to the Concepts page. Hopefully it will work well now that I have a bigger case and had to redo the whole thing from scratch. Also, I put the .psd file on, so if others have suggestions they can show me what they mean more easily. I thought it was a good idea, at least.

17 SEP 04 - [1] Comments
[Gannon] I finally fixed my computer, but it still has a few bugs to work out, like the fact that I can't connect through ftp by using the web browser :( Also, I'd like to update the site a bit, but unless you send us stuff to put up here we can't!

12 SEP 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I just added my blueprint for my 2600 SP+ to the Concepts page. Hopefully it'll get done sometime this decade ;)

03 SEP 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Just thought I'd say that Gannon and I are still here, we just haven't gotten anything to do. I also updated the chat. Next week. Be there or be square. And, for some (slightly) more important news: Remember when Abbibi said I would have trouble updating the site past Sep. 24th? (I think it was) I'm past that now, so the site should still be updated if Gannon is busy. Which reminds me: congrats, Gannon, on your newfound moderatorship.

15 AUG 04 - [0] Comments
[abbibi] Added to the links page. It's an excellent site updated by registered users, and fills the gap left by ASSEMBLER (which isn't updated anymore).

[Gannon] I added a picture of the Sega Saturn's Motherboard and a picture of the Genesis' V. 2 Motherboard to the Motherboards section. Thanks to Link89 for sending them in.

14 AUG 04 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] Just posting this to tell you all that I'm working on a few new CAD drawing for the motherboards section.
I'm hoping to get them up in a few days, but I can't promise anything since I've been kinda busy lately.

09 AUG 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Updated ···Agent EQzE···'s NESp concept.

07 AUG 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added another Dreamcast concept from Cennar. Also, I will be adding more to the motherboards page I recently created, so stay tuned.

06 AUG 04 - [0] Comments
[abbibi] I have removed my little self-advertisement. It was annoying even me every time I came to this page. Also, gannon's store offers VERY competitive pricing. I recommend you at least give it a look.

[SpongeBuell] What's this? A whole new page? Why, yes! it is! Check it out here

04 AUG 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added HK-47's 2600 wiring diagram to the Atari 2600 page. Also, while I'm here, Gannon wanted me to say that his store is now taking preorders! Yay! Check it out here

03 AUG 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added cennar to the LPC. Put another portable on the Completed! page. Also added Cymoro's Mega Joy II diagram to the NES page.

02 AUG 04 - [0] Comments
[abbibi] I thought it was high time for another pic!

[SpongeBuell]Added Cennar's concept for his portable DrEamCAsT.

31 JUL 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Added Ben's NESp's to the sidebar, and fixed the SNES page

29 JUL 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I put cennar's GBOMG on the completed! page, and moved Gamelver's N64p2 their as well. Also, I added cennar's M64 to the status page and will be adding his DrEamCAsT to the concepts page. Would've done more, but gannon got to most of them before I could.

[Gannon] I finished the Completed! page, and I updated all the other pages so that they had the new sidebar. I'm sure there's still a few things to clean up, but it's done for now.

28 JUL 04 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] WOW!! Today was a busy day with all the emails we got. I updated the general video mods page, the concepts page, and another one that I can't think of at the moment. I'll be working on a new page later today, and I might as well take this time to promote my site. I'll be opening up an online store in about a week, and I'll be releasing the reformated version of the site then too.
I also fixed a part of the chat schedule so NiN^_^NiN and Stooge wouldn't get mad at me.

[abbibi] I need a job. Soon. So, I am selling myself at the top of the page! My hope is that someone who happens to be into portables also happens to be hiring. A match made in heaven!!!

27 JUL 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] Put Gamelver's N64p2 on the n64 page, though I may move it to the status page due to popular demand in the chat earlier.

26 JUL 04 - [0] Comments
[SpongeBuell] I just put my battery info that I sent abbibi a while ago and put it on the batteries page. Also, I put a link to the ancient text on the LPC page yesterday, but I didn't think that was worth its own update.

25 JUL 04 - [0] Comments
[bob] j00 script got h4xx3d!

20 JUL 04 - [0] Comments
I thought you all would like to know what the heck happened to me. Well, I'm in the process of getting out of the military, which is a slow and painful process. There's even a chance I will have to stay in longer while they determine my medical compensation benefits. As such, I'm probably held up until September. If someone is interested in taking over the site for the rest of my hiatus, let me know. When I get back, I will come bearing PHP.

18 MAY 04
Well, I have finally started working on the new site design. Check it out: info.php3

Fancy, huh? Just one line's worth of code did all that. Now, onward to mySQL! Ooooohhh...

09 MAY 04
Check it out: GBA SP Time Machine It plays Famicom carts on the GBA.

06 MAY 04
There are many random updates all over the site. In fact, they are so random that I no longer remember what I've updated. On a much more satisfying note, "Rez" for the Dreamcast arrived yesterday. That game is SO freaking sweat! And easy enough to play that a man like me, who still finds Space Invaders to be the ultimate horror gaming, can BEAT it! (The pic to the right links to a review of Rez, with photos and movies.)

Oh yeah. Chat tonight at 6pm EST. I have to go to bed early tonight, you see.

01 MAY 04
MR.MOD has finished putting his site together, MR.MOD's Portables. I'm hosting it, and I would be more than happy to host anyone else's site too.

Also, you might notice that the site's logo has been snazzed up, thanks to Spongebuell. And the Systems button too!

30 APR 04
I have been catching up with old emails today, so be sure to browse the site for new stuff. And sorry guys, I can't chat tonight.

28 APR 04
Okay, chat tonight at 9:30pm CST. Oh, and go to the 22 APR 03 entry in the news archive. I was such a fool!

27 APR 04
The chat session last night was great! I got some more ideas for the new site, and added a lot of updates to the existing one. I now plan on setting up chat sessions on a regular basis. So, make a note of anything missing/wrong/old on this site, and tell me at the next chat. Check back here to find out when the next one is scheduled!

26 APR 04
I thought I'd let everyone know what I plan to do with the site. The page will have sidebars on both the left and right sides. The left side will have the expanding navigation bar, like it currently has. The right side will have user login, and beneath that a list of the latest updates. If I can coordinate with Ben, I'd like to be able to show whose currently in the Chat Room and new Forum. There will be 4 levels of access: Visitor, Builder, Portable Crusader, and Admin:

* Visitors are anyone accessing the site not logged in, and have read only access to everything on the site.
* Builders will have their own BLOG-like page for each portable they're working on, which they can easily update without HTML knowledge. This includes uploading images and other files. Pictures will be able to be resized or thumbnailed, if they're too large. Pics can also be designated as "status" pics, which will automatically update on the Status page.
* Portable Crusaders will be able to modify/update system pages, create How-To's, and post news. They can also have their own portable pages, like Builders.
* Admins will have administrator access, obviously, but they can do everything that Builders and Portable Crusaders can too.

I don't plan to make this an exclusive club or anything. If you'd want to go up a level, all you have to do is ask. I or another Admin will gladly give it too you. The idea behind the Builder level is to be able to control those who can't control themselves, without having to exclude them. If you've frequented the board, you know what I mean. The main reason behind this plan is to allow the site to pretty much take care of itself, and to allow other people to update it, without any prior knowledge of HTML. The new site is still in the concept stage right now, so if you have an idea for the new site you'd like share with me, I'll be on Ben's chat room tonight at 10pm EST. Email me your ideas if you can't make it.

I forgot to mention that an LPC page will be generated by the members list, including the pics of completed systems. And a more comprehensive FAQ, that members (Builder and higher) can update as they come across questions that have been asked a bunch of times before.

Added links for Ben's new Forum and Chat Room to the sidebar (this page only though, I'm lazy).

Added MR.MOD's Super Joy 3 pinouts pic to the Nintendo page.

Check out gannon's site www.gannon.tk, lots of info. SeinorMexi game me links to his sites too: www.poke-amph.com and www.windfallisland.tk/

25 APR 04
I realize it's been a while since I've updated the site. I've been overseas, and apparently neglected to post a notice about that here. Sorry about that. You guys might have noticed the site was gone for a while. I'm not sure how long, as it was gone when I got back Friday. As you can see, I've fixed that.

I am going to seriously work on making this site more of a group project. Look at InsertCredit or Zodiac Gamer to see what I'm talking about. Notice there are multiple people providing site updates. Good stuff.

Oh, and Ben has set up a new site and forum. Gooder stuff.

06 FEB 04
Ben has updated his site! And yes, the links are back on this page under the sidebar! (Stop giving me that look! I'm not indecisive, I'm just ... careful.)

WOW! I don't know about you, but that movie was a pain in the tuchas to download! So, I have thrown up a MIRROR of it on this site for anyone else who has problems downloading it too. And about the movie; I think it was VERY well edited. If this is the quality Ben put into the film he was recently involved in, I can't wait to see it!

31 JAN 04
I discovered that the links I added to the bottom of sidebar skewed the entire sidebar on my mac's internet explorer. So I have removed them, for now.

29 JAN 04
I forgot to add that Ben will be on the "Screen Savers" show on TechTV (the cable channel) on Febuary 20th at 4:00 Pacific time.

And there are a few more links on the Neo-Geo page.

27 JAN 04
I decided it was time to finally add another system, even though no one has tried it yet. Yep, you guessed correct. SNK's NEO-GEO! This system was really cool because the console games were EXACTLY the same as the arcade versions. I've only made the page for now, but I'll add more info over the next few weeks.

26 JAN 04
Ben has posted a useful mod on the board for owners of the illustrious official Sony PSone screen. I have added it to the General Video Mods page, HERE

I have added GameStationX to the Links page. And I put a few links on the bottom of the sidebar, just on this page, though.

17 JAN 04
Added ···Agent EQzE···'s VCSeqze mockup on the Concepts page.

06 JAN 04
This site has passed 1 MILLION hits! Robin Hood is impressed!

On a soberererer note, I have added stereth's thoughts on NiN^_^NiN's backlighting mod. And moved the mod from the Playstation page to the General Video Mods page. It was just better for the Feng Shui. And you can never, NEVER question the Feng Shui. EVER.
There are some useful links added to the sidebar of the Basics page.
I ran across another portable playstation completely by accident. I've added it to the Status page.

05 JAN 04
I ran across a site that provided information on the Access, an Amiga that fits in a 5.25 bay. It's in "Alternatives", under "Portable Emulation Machine". Added Master Mew 007's modified battery diagram to the Dreamcast page. Also to the Dreamcast page, I expanded on the info for the mini-ITX PSU; I even added a link to a place that sells one for $35 (the cheapest I've seen). Added "Can I use a Gameboy Advance or SP screen?" to the "About Screens" page, found in Systems. I also added "What kind of screen should I use?" to the same page.

29 DEC 03
Updated RPGTKNick's links on the Status and N64 pages. If anybody has problems with hosting, I'd be happy to host you.

26 DEC 03
I thought I would throw out a piece of news I found on "www.insertcredit.com" (mostly about the survey):
Adventure Gamers have written a very lengthy article regarding the future of adventure games as a genre, commenting also on possible reasons for it's gradual demise. While you're in the mood, why not take this Lucasarts survey - it may well determine their next step in the adventure field, if any.

I took the "batteries" section from the "basics" page, and the battery stuff on the PS1 page, and made a new page called "BATTERIES", accessible from the "Systems" page. Confused yet? Good.

Here's some info for making your own circuit boards:
ROBOT ROOM - Nifty stuff on this site
Gootee Easy PCB - Same thing, different perspective
Good Stuff.

20 DEC 03
Update: Added Electromaster64's SNES how to, finally, to the site.

Yeah, I know I suck.

Stereth completed his portable PSone! Check it out on the status page! Added a new page to the Systems page: "Nintendo Screws of Suffering". Thanks to all who harassed me about it.

30 NOV 03
Sorry again for the belated update, I was too busy (again).

Xodus Tech's user name is Warrior_Rocker. And I fixed his links on the Status page. And Samuel goes by fordman. I will update again on Monday.

20 NOV 03
Sorry about taking so long to update, but I've had a hard work week. Looking in my Inbox was like a horror movie. It had been empty for so long, and then "BAM!", zombies everywhere, gasping "Brains, BRAINS!" Just kidding, you know I love ya!

Added Xodus Tech's N64xp to the Status page. It's a completed project! Added Samuel's Atari Jaguar and Sega Saturn portable concepts to the (that's right!) Concepts page. RPGTKNick sent me a fix for his N64 battery diagram, as he had forgotten to connect the ground on the converter. There more: added betacrash's PSone portable idea to the Concepts page.

11 NOV 03
I have been made aware of a problem with spammers on the Board. They obviously didn't read Ben's wonderful article on forum etiquette, linked to above. Be sure you read it yourself, to ensure that you will not feel the wrath of BlackSix.

10 NOV 03
Added "Mega Joy (Pirate Famicom) Connections" by Zenocha to the NES page.

06 NOV 03
I have created a new site: Zodiac Presents! It hosts public domain films encoded for the Tapwave Zodiac!

I have also added RPGTKNick's N64 concept to the Concepts page!

30 OCT 03
I finally remembered what has been bugging me for so long, so I had to quickly jump on and do this. I have added links to the hosted sites on the Links page. That's right, I host sites. If you would like to be hosted, just email me.

Okay, NOW I'm gone for the weekend!

29 OCT 03
Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy...

Added Fjord_83 to the LPC page! And I added poppe's portable Dreamcast concept to the Concepts page too!

I am going on a trip this weekend with my girlfriend to celebrate my birthday, so don't expect another update until next Tuesday at the earliest. Halloween is a great day to be born on, I tell you!

23 OCT 03
I thought I'd go on another little rant. As you guys may have noticed, I do not frequent the Board as much as I should. This is mostly because I am not actively working on a portable at the moment. Unfortunately, this means I do not always find the nuggets of knowlegde you guys pass on to each other on the board. Much of this should be put on this site, so it can be found long after the message topic has disappeared. So, if anyone sees any useful info on the board, shoot me an email. I know this is annoying, but all you'll have to tell me is the title of the topic, to give me a heads up. I can do the work from there. And by the way, remember to remove "NOSPAM" from my email address when you mail me. I suspect there might be some confusion there...

21 OCT 03
You might notice two items missing from sidebar: Ben's Site, and FAQuestions. I feel a need to explain myself. I removed Ben's Site because I believe this whole business has grown beyond his site. I feel it is unfair to point so blatantly at his site, when everyone who visits this site saw his first. Though this site is basically a fansite to Ben's site, everyone already knows that, so I can stop telling them. And about the FAQuestions; I felt the page didn't have enough information on it to warrent a sidebar link. So I have moved it to the Systems page, under the title "The Basics" (which is the pages original name anyways). I have also tinkered with the Links section.

I have modified the sidebar pics. Nice, huh?

20 OCT 03
I will be slowly integrating the FAQuestions page into the Systems page today. BTW, you can tell when I'm updating the site, as there will be a pic up in the sidebar when I am.

19 OCT 03
Resistor Color Codes

16 OCT 03
Reordered the systems into chronological order. Decided to add the new Video page to the Systems page. Yup.

15 OCT 03
I apoligize for the gap in updates. I was unexpectedly kidnapped for the duration of the Columbus Day weekend. Whenever I decide to go on vacation, I will let you all know (unfortunately, I didn't know until I woke up in the car outside a bar in Canada).

I have been sent lot's of to add to the page, and will be adding it all over the next hours.

I have added SpongeBuell's SNES/N64/GC video mod onto a new page entitled VIDEO. I had to create a new page for it, as it covers multiple systems. After I finish adding the rest of the updates, I am going to redesign the FAQ pages, turning them into general/multiple systems pages. Actually, I think that was my original intent with the FAQ pages in the first place! Hehehe, oops!

I have added SpongeBuell's How-tos on adding STEREO to the Atari 2600, and wiring paddles for the VCSp. Check them out on the 2600 page!

I have also added an N64 battery diagram by RPGTKNick. I think you can guess where I put it. I'm done for now. I will finish everything else up tonight at work.

09 OCT 03
RPGTKNick has finished building his N64! Laserbeams has pointed out to me that spambots can snag our email address off of this site. To prevent this, I am adding "NOSPAM" into every address I have linked to on this site. If anyone knows a way I can code spam protection into the HTML, I am all ears.

08 OCT 03
Check out this web comic, the New Traditionalists. It's upbeat, intelligent, and even funny. But pretty it ain't. (then again, neither are our portables :-)

Added a Playstation Concept by ···Agent EQzE···. Edited the introduction at the top of this page.

07 OCT 03
I thought I'd take the lull in updates today to restate something I think you all should know: I made this site for YOU. That's right, if you are reading this you are reaping the benefits of my hard work. I already made my portable. This site is of little personal use to me now. But you could still get a lot from this site.

We all started out as amatures when it comes to these portables. We all sat down at frustrated at some problem we had run into along the way. Think back, I'm sure you can remember. Now all you have to do is help me make this site for OTHER people too:

Open up a text editor. Type down a description of that problem I just helped you remember. Now, and this is the tricky part, explain what you did to fix said problem. And mail this to me. If you have any photos or diagrams, mail those too. Or even movies. Send me whatever you wish my site had on it, and didn't, when you needed the information the most.

I am not being demeaning, sarcastic, impatient, desperate, or pushy. Well, maybe a little pushy... Anyways, those 5 minutes you spend typing a short how-to, will save someone else hours of frustration in the future. Call it your good deed for the day.

So, to recap, the more EVERYONE puts into this site, the more benefits YOU reap (yeah, yeah, everyone else can reap to, I guess :)

06 OCT 03
Dkap001, I realized today that I completely forgot to put your system on the status page! I apologize for taking this long. And this goes for everyone else. If you think I've forgotten something, email me. I have a new email address, which I will be using exclusively for this site and the forum. So nothing will get lost in the inbox again.

I have linked the LPC names in the systems pages to their respective update on the Status page. Neat, huh?

05 OCT 03
I've updated a lot of the site. Poke around and see. If something hasn't been updated that you think should have been, send me and email and point out everything I've done wrong with my life :^)

The changes I made for the systems in the sidebar have inspired me. I am going to make a few interesting changes in the sidebars on the systems pages. I think everyone will agree they are improvements. I am finished!

04 OCT 03
It has been a while since I last updated. I have no excuse, outside of sheer laziness. My intentions of reprogramming this site to make it more intuitive crubled when I realised I didn't have the programming knowledge. My attempts to take night classes also fell apart, being that I am a shift worker. Here's some advice everyone: Don't do shift work! Find something else, even if it pays well. Anyways, on with the update:

In the true style of what this site is all about, I bring you ANOTHER GBA MOD!!! God, that's beatiful!

And on a sadder note, I will soon be retiring my GP32, and giving it to my brother for his birthday. Even with everything Gamepark did right with the GP32, they did too many things wrong. Only 2 right thumb buttons, a flash card that could only hold 128mb, and a picky PC interface.

But there is light on the horizon, and it comes in the form of the Tapwave Zodiac! This sweet little momma has FOUR right thumb buttons, a rumble feature, TWO SD flash card slots (the 1gig card version will be out soon), runs the intuitive Palm 5.2T OS. Not too shabby, eh? Here are some links:


I badly need to update my site. Please mail me with any updates you might have. This includes:

* Pics and specs for any handhelds you've been working on
* How-tos, preferably in HTML format, and with pictures, of course
* LPC applicants, with a small pic, surname, and any site/email addresses you want me to link to
* New sites I should add to the link page that would be of interest to other portable hackers
* And emails from anyone interested in helping me maintain and update the site.

08 JUL 03
Captain's log, stardate 58347593. Sorry for the belated update. And for the fact that I haven't dramatically changed the site yet. You see, I recently bought a GP32 handheld. And recently, an Atari 800 emulator came out for it. I have a special place in my heart for the Atari 800. So I've been playing Star Raiders during most of my free time, at least when I'm not encoding films to watch on the unit. In fact, I've started hosting them. GP32 Theatre! I will probably create a full page for the GP32, 'cause it's so damn cool.

And don't worry, this site WILL be dramatically changed! I.... just... gotta... play... Star Raiders!

21 JUN 03
I finally added SpongeBuell's Atari 2600 SP to the Status page.

About the site redesign. It will take a while. The degree of drastically-ness spoken of in the previous update isn't wrong, just misleading. It will be just as slow in coming as it is drastic. You see, I keep forgetting that I am lazy. But if you look at the sidebar, you'll notice a link that wasn't there before. (Hint: It's Tighe's NESp site) As for now, it will only appear on the this page, as I have not yet implemented the mystical ASP. Still drastic, though.

13 JUN 03
As some of you already know, I've been on vacation for 2 weeks now. I would have been on vacation for 2 more weeks, but since I wasn't allowed to enter Korea, I am cutting my vacation short. I will begin drastically updating this site in about a week. I will be incorporating ASP programming, and giving individual users rights to modifying specific system pages. I want this site to truly be a community site.

Also, I am officially cancelling my Atari 800 portable. Why, do you ask? That nifty handheld, the GP32, will have an operational Atari 800 emulator released in a few weeks! And it's a heck of a lot smaller than a custom 800 handheld could ever hope to be!

And to everyone who has emailed me with ideas and updates; I will deal and respond to them when I am back from vacation.

31 MAY 03
Added SpongeBuell's laser engraved case to the Case page, found at the top of the "Concepts" page. Updated Geebs61's LPC pic.

29 MAY 03
I have moved the site to a new server. The site should be a lot more reliable now. And FYI, the server updates every day at 11 PM EST, so there might be a lag in access at those times.

21 MAY 03
Ok, NiN^_^NiN sent me the rest of the photos for the PSone screen. He also sent me an updated diagram of the NES-on-a-Chip that fixes a mistake he found.

20 MAY 03
NiN^_^NiN has sent me a nice how-to on modding the backlight of a PSone screen. Check it out on the PSone page! (He also pointed out that I keep messing up his email links on the NES page. I hope it's fixed this time...)

Not all the photos are up yet on the screen how-to. Patience...

13 MAY 03
Sorry about being lax on the updates, I just have too many hobbies. I added SpongeBuell to the LPC page, and will soon upgrade Geebs61's pic. What do you think of the new sidebar? Spiffy, huh?

02 MAY 03
Lots of updates, as I've been forgetting to post them. Check out the LPC page, you might notice some more people. Also, NiN^_^NiN gave me info on utilizing the NES-on-a-Chip within a portables. Check it out on the NES page, it's good stuff! I've already had a few people ask for page hosting. As soon as they email me their pages are ready, I will post links to them.

30 APR 03
GREAT NEWS! I figured out how to host webpages! If you want a free site, with no advertisements, email me! I will need your Board name (for a login name), and a pic to add you to the LPC page (if you aren't already on it). The address will be: "http://doomportables.org/~username/". Only portable related content please, but if you want to put something else on your pages, just ask me.

Please note: you will only be able to modify your page with FTP. But I will help with HTML coding if you need some.

29 APR 03
Well, you might notice the domain change. DOOMPORTABLES.ORG!!! Sweet! You might notice that there are NO banner ads! Yes, I am paying for my site now, but it's worth it. The hosting service is "247nethosting.com", if you're interested.

NiN^_^NiN has been added to the LPC page (all you guys need to do is send me a small pic and the name you use on the Board). He's also provided some info on making a portable using an "NES-on-a-Chip." Go to the NES page to check it out.

23 APR 03
I AM MOVING THE SITE!!! Dreamwater is removing their free service on the 4th of May. I have decide to use this as the perfect excuse to move to a low-cost, AD FREE host. I have already bought the domain "DOOMportables.org" and will be moving the site to it during the next week. The the hosting plan I am using has UNLIMITED harddrive space and bandwidth. Once I settle in, I am going to setup free hosting for any Portable Crusader who wants it.

22 APR 03
It was suggested to me in an email that I start a live chatroom. I think that Ben's Forum/Board is enough. If you want to help someone with their portable problems in real-time, use a messager program.

13 APR 03
Fixed/added all the Link pages icons.

12 APR 03
Fixed some of the system icons that have been bugging me for a long time.

11 APR 03
Added some more links to the links page. There won't be a real update to this site until I complete the hosting move.

But, if you would like to add information to a system page, please email it to me or something. Telepathy will work too.

09 APR 03
Okay, I finally fixed the sidebar on all the pages. Also, I am going to try to update more than 3 times a month.

I will be moving my site to a new location. Image hosting too. And I will add a new feature: page hosting. Neat, huh? free too. Make a sort of one-stop resource for all your portable needs.

30 MAR 03
Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here. I have been, and will be, very busy. If you have some news you want me to post, or found something in the forum I should add to one of the system pages, please email me.

20 MAR 03
Updated the Status page, Atari 8-bit page, News page (heheh!), and something else I can't remember.

13 MAR 03
I am fixing the sidebar. It's been annoying me. This page is Netscape compatible now, I will convert the other pages as soon as possible.

Also, don't buy a gamecube screen. They're HUGE! This is bad for portables.

27 FEB 03
I have two new links for everyone:

Portable Game Systems
This guy Dave has not only made a mold for a handheld Playstation, but he's also built a vacuum table AND successfully made a case with it! Awesome!

Sean's Hardware Hacks
Meet the Atari-X, an Atari 2600 portable! Sean managed to fit all the atari features and a tv in a very small case.

23 FEB 03
I know it has been a long time since the last update. Getting an LCD projector and a Dreamcast were major distractions. The good news though, is that I now have a 85 inch diagonal screen that I use for both my TV and computer! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I just got the cordless keyboard working today, so I can type while actually facing the screen. Yay! (the computer is sitting in a closet)

And even better bestest news, I got my dreamcast to run off of 12 volts DC!!! As you can see in the pic, I removed the power supply with a smaller DC/DC converter. It converts 12V 3A DC to 12v, 5v, AND 3.3v. Once I have more money, I will purchase a 12v battery and see how long the Dreamcast will run off of it.

(Also, I will be updating the site and answering emails)

13 JAN 03
Ok, I've finally updated the site with all the info I've been emailed. NiN^_^NiN is no longer working on an N64p, but he is now working on an SMSp. Check out his SMS AV Mod on the SMS page. Or his portable concept for one on the Concepts page.

10 JAN 03
I've been really busy lately, so I haven't had time to update the site. first things on the agenda is to add everything you guys have emailed me, and to fix the sidebar so it's more reliable.

03 JAN 03
Updated the Status page with Nesdude's new portable NES.

31 DEC 02
I just finished upgrading my computer. I've got a nice Asus A7V333 RAID motherboard with an 1800+ Athlon XP and 512mb of DDR333 RAM, and a GeForce3 Ti/450 w/128mb. Not quite top of the line, but pretty far up there and still inexpensive. So anyways, I will begin updating the site again.

24 DEC 02
Added an extra sidebar to the 2600 page. I like it.

I've noticed that the sidebar sometimes doesn't load completely. Clicking refresh/reload will usually fix the problem. I will eventually find a new site service to host the page, but that's kind of low priority right now. Sorry about that.

21 DEC 02
Added more links to the Dreamcast page.

19 DEC 02
Updated Delorean5000's Nesp status.

17 DEC 02
I have fixed the pain in the booty I was talking about. The menu is now an "iframe," a completely separate page from the rest of the document. If your browser has any problems with this, PLEASE email me, as I really want this page to be as compliant as possible. The only disadvantage I have found is that it's no longer transparent. And yes, I intentionally extended it the whole length of the page (I have my reasons...). Also, I have only done this on this page, for now.

14 DEC 02
I am (finally!) adding a page for the Atari 2600. I put John_Soper's 2600p on the page.

Also, the 2600 link only appears on the mail page. It's a pain in the booty adding it to every page, a problem I will soon fix.

(note to self: put successfully completed projects on their systems pages, not the status page)

13 DEC 02

A Site Update!!!

I apologise to everyone for my EXTREMELY long absence. I had to go on a sort of business trip, and had no access to a computer for several months. Except for my portable Playstation, which helped me forget my computer withdrawls (at least until I broke it).

But I'm back now, and more manically obsessed about portables than ever! So, expect lots of big updates.

Also, I have an ENDLESS amount of email to sort through, so if you had any questions for me, please send them again as I might accidentally miss it.

Added Hunter306's portable Nintando 64 to the Status page.

26 SEP 02
I am currently in the process of condensing and reorganizing the site for easier reference. I am not going to bother updating any sidebar except on the main page until I'm finished, so don't be surprised if some links don't work on other pages.

Updated NiN^_^NiN's N64 portable status.

Today, I am cleaning up pics and fixing the site layout.

24 SEP 02
Look at the new pretty site logo :^)

17 SEP 02
I am adding a page for the 8-bit Atari computers, seeing as how I'm going to build one.

My counter seems to be dead, so I'm removing it.

16 SEP 02
I added "Can I use a Gameboy Color screen?" to the Basics page. I think I am going to change the format of the information on this site. Make it set up as a large FAQ. After all, that's what I made this site for in the firs place!

15 SEP 02
The Miracle Ray page has a nice comparison between the TV de Advance and GBA Transverter. I also added the shop he provides for buying the GBA Transverter to the Links page.

13 SEP 02
Added and link on the Gamecube page to Planet Gamecubes article comparing the Interact and Intec Gamecube screens.

12 SEP 02
Well, I have come to a conclusion: one portable is never enough! I will be attempting a GameCube. I will also be portablizing another system. It was the system I had as a child, and my dad made some extra bucks by programming games for it. Guess. Go on, you'll never think of it! haHA! I modified the Alternatives page a little.

Also, sorry about taking so long to update.

I added a LOT of internal pics of the Gamecube.

05 SEP 02
Fixed the N64 page so that NiN^_^NiN's site is accessible by a link. I also added an email he sent me (including pics) onto the end of the page. I'm feeling to lazy right now to do anything more with it.

Added a link on the Dreamcast page to a PSX emulator for it.

03 SEP 02
I've been having problems accessing the Board. Been keeping myself busy sprucing up the look of the site. Once I can get into the forum, I'll resume compiling the info.

Well, I added NiN^_^NiN's N64 page to the N64 page. In fact, the page is his site. I am sorry if the page appears really big, but I had to stretch the size to prevent scrollbars from appearing. I am thinking of using this function to add a scrolling feature for the systems in the sidebar.

31 AUG 02
Adding a Sega Genesis / Megadrive section. I also added my own comments to using the Nomad screen on the Basics page.

27 AUG 02
Added dragonhead to the League of Portable Crusaders

26 AUG 02
Added table of contents to Basics, Alternatives and Other.

25 AUG 02
Made the system pics in the sidebar look how I wanted. And moved the link for the Amiga page to the Portable Emulation Machine section of the Alternatives page. Also rearranged the Concepts page

23 AUG 02
Added Nick862's GCp concept. Added pics of the Super Gameboy to the Alternatives page. Added Gameaxe pic w/ NES cartridge to Nintendo.

22 AUG 02
Well, I finally added the sidebar to the systems' pages. NEAT-O!

Ok, this is what I want for the style. I need to smooth out the system graphics, but other than that, I think this is a winner. Post in the board's topic "Abbibi's site setup QUESTIONS" if you think I am a fool.

21 AUG 02
Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've caught a rare form of the dreaded ebola virus. Ha ha, just kidding. I have been sick since Saturday (the 17th) though, and it's only gotten worse. I've been writing this update for 10 minutes. I have an idea for the site's look, and I will change it as soon as I am better.

16 AUG 02
Am making the site prettier, added SNES pinout. I found a good GameCube pic, so I pasted it, but I haven't made a page for it yet.

The fake link bugged me, so I quickly slapped together a page for the GameCube.

I added the sidebar to everything but the systems. I'll do those tomorrow.

15 AUG 02
Sorry, NiN^_^NiN, I forgot to add your stuff to the Status and Concepts page on Tuesday. Added the How To section to the sidebar, so I removed the page. The system pics are white background GIFs I inverted. They look pretty snazzy, I think.

Added bgbop15's finished NESP Version 2 to the Status page. I also put Ben's description of his lithium battery pins on the Playstation page for now, until I can think of a better place to put it.

I haven't gotten any feedback on the site's new design. If you guys like it, I'll set up every page like this one. Tell me what you think.
I started a forum topic on this titled "Abbibi's site setup QUESTIONS". Please join in on it. Here's a prototype "How To" page if you're curious.

14 AUG 02
I finally started referencing an HTML book, so I'm spiffing up the site. I've decided, as you can see, to add an element to the site alike to Ben's. I'm doing this without his permission, but I hope he doesn't mind...

Updated the SMS how to, added the Gear Master to Alternatives.

13 AUG 02
Nesdude instuctions for an Sega Master System portable is up!

13 AUG 02
OK, I've crawled out of my hole. Added NES, SNES & N64 sections in the How To. Gizmo255 has almost finished an SNESp! I added more pretty pictures in the How To section too.

10 AUG 02
Thought it would be a good idea to add a link to the board. I know there is a lot more stuff I need to add, but I'll to it tomorrow.

07 AUG 02
There is now an INTV how to. And I've started adding pretty pictures to the How To section.

06 AUG 02
Handhelddc has his own page! Moved "Useful Adapters" from "Concepts" to "Alternatives". Realized I made a stupid typo by abbreviating LPC as PLC (I feel sheepish).

04 AUG 02
There's a Counter now! Updated the Status page too.

26 JUL 02
There's an all-in-one in the Other section. Check out the Concepts section. And the NEW LPC page!

25 JUL 02
Added PEM to Alternatives

24 JUL 02
Moved "Beyond the GBA" and Miracle Ray to the new section "Alternatives."

23 JUL 02
New pages titled "Beyond the GBA," "Amiga," and "Etiquette".

22 JUL 02
Added links to Miracle Ray and Deathskull Labs.

16 JUL 02
Extended the Concepts section to include useful adapters.

15 JUL 02
Added more links, updated the news.

10 JUL 02
I just found out Ben updated his page!!! Put more onto the "Basics" page too.

07 JUL 02
Added the "Other" section, it's for the other topics discussed in the forums that doesn't have a place in the other sections. I am also updating everything, and am slowly working my way up the forum topics.

27 JUN 02
Started the news. Added a Dreamcast section.