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If you have any recommendations, please message the admins.

Portable Pages

This is Ben Heckendorn's new site. It is also the home of the forum.
This is Ben Heckendorn's old site. It is also the home of the old forum.
The Nintendo portable site. LOTS of info.
dkap01's site. Check it out!

Recommended Reading

An electronics guru/wizard/man's man.
Another attempt at creating a handheld VCS. He's a little more detailed than Ben.
These guys really know their stuff. News for obscure video games, and views from guys that have been gaming since the Pong.
Build Your Own Arcade Controls. Has nothing to do with portables, but provides all the needed information and links needed to build an arcade machine from scratch. I hope to make this site just as useful for people building portables.
Death Skull Labs! This guy has pinouts and other useful info for the SNES and earlier.
Another page with pinouts and voltages. Posted by NiN^_^NiN
Pics and info on rare gaming systems, including prototypes and development units.
A member updated site, with a focus similar to ASSEMBLER.
The site isn't updated anymore, but "The Strange (and Rare) Videogame Pics Page" has some stuff that ASSEMbler doesn't.
link posted by deminisma
The basics and history of video game systems. Also try their Electronics Building Blocks section for the basics of electronics.
link posted by Black Six
GameStationX: Lots of tech info on game systems and other equipment.

Hosted Sites

Homepage of bicostp!
It's nos_slived's site! He'll update it when he's able to access it.
MR.MOD's Portables
It's MR.MOD's site! I think it has something to do with portables...
NiN^_^NiN's site
It's NiN^_^NiN's site!
1978 Mamo Dub
Files hosted for the Lupin Encyclopedia. These are various sound encodings of the Lupin: Mystery of Mamo english dub done for an airline.
GP32 Theatre
A site I started to host free and public domain movies encoded for the GP32 handheld.
Zodiac Presents!
Another hosting site for free and public domain movies, this time encoded for the Zodiac PDA.

Recommended Shops

Lik-Sang offers an incredible variety of stuff (with lots of info & pics), at reasonable prices
Comparable to Lik-Sang.
A reliable place to get parts, offers wholesale prices. They also sell DVD/VCD players that play game ROMS.
They have a LOT of obscure stuff at fairly low prices
Any system, any version; but for a price
Another Hong Kong shop, where the GBA Transverter can be bought.

Web Comics that have Warped and Twisted my Soul