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Should we change the site\'s look during the recode?

Don't Care

picture cropped to avoid computer damage


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04 Dec 05
[SpongeBuell] This is something that happened a few days ago, when Ben's rights to Benheck.com expired... not the bugs the forum is getting

04 Dec 05
[S q u e e !] What's happened now?

04 Dec 05
[Lucretius] That was just beautiful...
the new domain name sure is easier to remember...

04 Dec 05
[Gannon] Because we're 2 wild and crazzy guys!

Actually, no clue on why it was Razz

04 Dec 05
[bicostp] Horray! benheck.com is still the Official Site! Very Happy

Wasn't it down for matter of hours, not days like with doomportables.org?

And come to think of it, why was it doomportables.org in the first place instead of portablesofdoom.org? The former is backwards compared to the logo...

03 Dec 05
[SpongeBuell] Well, he got it renewed fairly quickly, thank God.

03 Dec 05
[S q u e e !] That would really suck! Let's hope that Ben gets it, umm, un-enxpired soon! Yeah...