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A conglomeration of portable home video game systems and the means to constructing them.

Welcome! I've set this site up specifically for the patrons of Ben Heckendorn's VCSp forums. I felt that the invaluable information provided from the frequenters of the forum needed to be organized. Many questions were asked multiple times, sometimes with answers and sometimes without.

If you are new to the forum, please read this page on ETIQUETTE before you dive into the conversation.

I've felt compelled to put a little warning here to cover me bum. Neither myself, nor any other visitor of the forum, is responsible for anything done by attempting anything similar to the projects detailed on this site, or on the forum. Any person attempting to modify a system assumes full responsibility for any damage, wasted cash, and widespread hysteria caused by such an attempt. Yup.


04 Jun 08 - [1] Comments
[Gannon] So...no news in a long time, eh?
I've been busy/lazy, still haven't gotten around to fixing some of the things that happened with the server move. Razz

22 Feb 07 - [3] Comments
[abbibi] Until Boing Boing or employment distract me, I'm going to attempt to update this site a little. As soon a Gannon emails me the battle station plans, I will inevitably find the one weakness, and destroy the site. Then I'll play the fiddle while dancing on the ashes. Mwahaha!

20 Feb 07 - [5] Comments
[abbibi] Dust has been gathering on this site. Check out the Status page for some "new" updates.

19 Feb 07 - [0] Comments
[abbibi] This site needs more news. So here's something to get the ball rolling:
I am selling my lcd projector on ebay. If you're interested, the item number is 150093928995. Enjoy.

18 Oct 06 - [1] Comments
[Gannon] Redesign contest launched! For more info please visit the forums: http://benheck.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=14740

22 Sep 06 - [4] Comments
[Gannon] Guess my aim is better at Duck Hunt than code deadlines Razz
Anyways, because of a current security risk and an increased security risk with the new code, I was hoping that all users who are hosted on a PoD subdomain wouldn't mind being moved to another domain. Most likely http://portablesofdoomhosting.org/. The only current problem with this is it'd cost $9 more/yr (not much, I know, but a bunch of little costs still add up to a big one). So, that leads up to another question involving the new site, keep ads or allow donations? I know, can't be a poll, but any input (in the form of comments, messages, or email) would be good

21 Sep 06 - [0] Comments
[Gannon] Not much, but I added a new poll on the side. Figured it's a valid question, I know I'm definately planning on reorganizing some info.
Also I've gotten a few good ideas from other people, so if you want to input on what you'd like to see happen just toss it out there (in either a comment or email I guess)

Oh yeah, and looks like Ben's XBox 360 laptop was a real bandwidth eater on the forums and here Razz

12 Jul 06 - [2] Comments
[Gannon] Yes...slow updates! Nothing really new being submitted by users. We're aiming to have a completely recoded (again!) version of the site up by the end of the summer. For now you have to live with reading the old forums here Razz

01 Apr 06 - [1] Comments
[Gannon] A few of Ben's films have been added. Go here to download them! Smile (oh yeah, and if they don't download right or don't play, don't forget to post a comment Razz)

22 Mar 06 - [7] Comments
[SpongeBuell] For those coming here wondering what happened to Ben's site, his domain has expired. Let's just hope that there isn't some domain shark that comes in like doomportables.org. Sad

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